AMD, Nvidia shares drop after Intel unveils new chip’s stellar gaming performance – CNBC

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Brian Krzanich, chief executive officer of Intel Corp.

Intel shareholders’ lackluster year compared with its chip peers may be turning around with the launch of its new gaming-focused processors.

The chip maker unveiled its latest Core desktop processors on Monday, proclaiming up to 25 percent frame-rate improvements for PC gaming versus the previous models.

“Our 8th Gen Intel Core desktop processors deliver tremendous improvements across the board and — for gamers, in particular — offer an unbeatable experience,” Anand Srivatsa, general manager of Desktop Platform Group at Intel, said in the announcement.

“We are laser-focused on giving the enthusiast community the ultimate desktop experience, from chart-topping performance to a platform that can flex with their needs.”

The processors will be available for sale on Oct. 5.

Intel shares outperformed midday Monday, falling 0.3 percent compared with iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF‘s 2 percent drop, a 3.8 percent fall for Nvidia shares and 3 percent decline for AMD stock.

One technology industry analyst said the market reaction may mean Intel’s latest product offering could be bad news for AMD, which also makes desktop processors.

“I believe the [market] sentiment is driven primarily by belief that AMD poses less of a threat [to Intel],” Patrick Moorhead, principal analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, wrote in an email.

At first blush, it may seem Intel’s processors may not be a direct competition for Nvidia’s graphics cards. However, if enthusiasts can improve gaming performance with a new desktop processor, it could take budget dollars away from graphics card upgrades.

Nvidia’s stock is up nearly 165 percent in the past 12 months through midday Monday compared with the S&P 500’s 15 percent gain. That performance ranks No. 1 in the entire S&P 500, according to FactSet. AMD and Intel shares are up 97 percent and roughly flat respectively in the same time period.

AMD and Nvidia did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Intel referred to the statement by its executive in the product announcement for its comment.



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