Gaming’s best Christmas carol comes from … Waluigi? – VentureBeat

Waluigi is a strange fellow. Nintendo created him simply because Wario (the rude, evil counterpart of Mario) needed a tennis partner. He’s a lanky, maniacal stereotype of dastardliness. And we love him for it.

But he’s probably not the first video game character you’d think of when you hear word “Christmas.” But the greatest Christmas song that’s in any way related to our beloved industry actually stars Waluigi. OK, I know there aren’t a lot of gaming-themed Christmas carols, so maybe “Carol of the Waa” doesn’t have a lot of competition. Still, the holidays just don’t feel right if I don’t listen to this “Carol of the Bells” parody a few dozen times in December.

This song comes from Matthew Taranto, the artist behind the Brawl in the Family webomic that starred humorous versions of Nintendo icons. Waluigi, with his catchphrase “Waa” and abundance of loathing, was a fan-favorite character in the comic. Brawl in the Family is no longer running new comics, but Waluigi’s joyous caroling will live on.


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