The first — The Future Starts Here — takes a critical look at how design is shaping our technological future. When it opens on May 28th, 2018, the exhibition will feature over 100 objects that detail the various ways that emerging technologies could affect our lives in the coming years and how public perception may influence their development. Exhibits include Facebook’s solar-powered unmanned aircraft, Aquila, the Long Now Foundation’s Library of Civilization composed of over a thousand books, as well as specially commissioned pieces from prominent designers and creatives.

Oh, and there’s also a model of Apple’s “Spaceship” campus.

The V&A’s other exhibition, simply titled “Videogames,” opens on September 8th and takes a look at the “complexity of videogames as one of the most important design fields of our time.” It’ll focus on the rise of the gaming industry from the mid-2000s and how the internet and social media have impacted the way videogames are designed, discussed and played. The museum promises an array of immersive experiences, as well as materials from big-name studios that have pioneered modern-day video game design.