Microsoft’s special edition Iron Man Xbox One looks crazy – The Verge

Microsoft might be about to launch an upgraded Xbox One at E3 in June, but it’s still busy creating special edition designs of its existing console. We’ve seen Halo- and Call of Duty-themed Xbox One consoles before, but Microsoft’s latest design brings an Iron Man look to its oversized machine. Like some previous bundles, this new special edition is white, but it has a hugely customized top plate.

Microsoft claims Tony Stark (Iron Man) helped customize the console, and the center includes an arc reactor that lights up. Even the Xbox One controller has been customized with a unique power button that’s designed to look like a smaller arc reactor. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like this special edition will go on sale. Microsoft France is giving away three of the consoles on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and we’ve reached out to Microsoft to find out whether there are any plans to let people purchase them.


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