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Baseball fans who picked up MLB The Show 17 on its release date Tuesday were in for a treat when they booted up the game for the first time. The latest annual installment of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s popular MLB video game greets users with one of the best intro videos ever seen in a video game.

The video takes fans through some of the sport’s most iconic moments with a chalk artist providing visuals to pair with authentic audio from some of the most famous play-by-play calls. From Jackie Robinson stealing home, to Hank Aaron setting the all-time home run record, to Bill Buckner’s costly 1986 error, to Lou Gehrig’s farewell speech, to the Cubs finally breaking their World Series drought last season — some of the most memorable moments in baseball history are remembered in spectacular fashion.

Video game intro productions seem to be a lost art these days. A lot of games just throw some gameplay footage over music and call it a day, if they even make an intro video at all.  It’s understandable, considering most gamers just end up skipping past the title sequence after first viewing, but this spectacular piece of work from MLB The Show is certainly worth watching more than once. Personally, I’d put it up with some of the best in the history of sports video games.

If this title sequence doesn’t gear you up for creating baseball’s next great moment within the game, it’s likely nothing will.


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