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Nintendo Switch lasts longer than iPad Air and PlayStation Vita in this continuous battery test.

One of the biggest factors to how much my family uses any device is its battery life. Even when a bigger battery means larger physical footprint we usually go for that option.

With this in mind an important challenge for the Switch in handheld mode is just how long the battery will last. Of course you can take around portable chargers with you, but without karting extra paraphernalia how long with the Switch battery last.

Nintendo Switch Battery Test (image: Andy Robertson)

Nintendo Switch Battery Test (image: Andy Robertson)

To this end I spent the weekend gathering together all the gaming devices in our house (as well as borrowing a few from friends) to create the ultimate Switch battery test for the Switch. The aim is not only to compare like for like, but also see how it compares to gaming devices of years gone by.

By the time I had finished I had pretty much every handheld Nintendo system, three iPads a PSP, Vita and even a Gameboy Micro. I set these up with a clock, each device on maximum brightness and with power save or screen dimming turned off. This meant that for the Switch and the Vita I had to tape a stick down to stop it switching off. Wifi and Bluetooth was switched on where the devices had this and each was set to their home screen.

I set the clock going with some fascination over not only how the Switch would fair against these other gaming machines but how the rest of the field would shake down. To ensure it was all recorded I also setup a time-lapse video that you can see below.


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