Someone made a Draymond Green ‘Karate Basketball’ video game –

Feb. 24 (UPI) — Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green might never admit to intentionally kicking anyone during an NBA basketball game.

But Internet video game developers are running with his track record.

The Warriors star is profiled in a game originally titled: “Draymond Green’s Shut Up And Slam Jam Karate Basketball.”

“Due to a scheduling error, the local rec center has been double booked for a charity basketball event and a karate championship! Luckily basketballers these days have the moves to please EVERYONE in attendance,” the developer’s website says.

“It’s NBA Jam meets Double Dragon… It’s SHUT UP AND SLAM JAM KARATE BASKETBALL!”

The Australian-based SeaDads developed the game for Ludum Dare 37. Louis Meyer, Dave Lloyd, Jon Murphy, Ben Weatherall, Paul Dal Pozzo, and Adrian Vaughan are ‘The SeaDads.’

Green’s likeness has since been removed from the game. ‘Karate Basketball’ is available for free, but the developers accept a fair offering for the game.

When playing the game, you can dribble, dodge, shoot, and dunk, but you can also karate kick and use weapons when they are thrown onto the court. Up to four players can play simultaneously.

Chris Paul, Metta World Peace, and Matthew Dellavedova also appear in the game. All of the players featured have at one point been accused of being dirty players.

Green, who was suspended during the NBA Finals last season, continues to get caught in controversy for his flailing limbs. He kicked James Harden in the head in December when the Warriors battled the Houston Rockets. On Thursday, Green appeared to have kicked Blake Griffin during a loose ball against the Los Angeles Clippers.

Green is also currently involved in a trash talk battle with Clippers veteran Paul Pierce.


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