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rantnrave:// What is the value of expertise in sports now? Look at the men hired recently to run organizations. John Lynch went straight from the FOX broadcast booth to the Niners’ front office. Magic Johnson was a star player, meager coach, failed talk-show host and successful entrepreneur but has never run a team. Now he’s running the Lakers. Does the NBA demand any kind of executive expertise? Vlade Divac and Phil Jackson didn’t have it when they were named GMs. Bob Myers, a former agent, has made the Warriors into an uber franchise. Rob Pelinka, an agent until two days ago, is the new Lakers GM, reporting to Magic. While MLB has a de facto archetype for its general managers — Ivy League education a must, major league career not needed — the NBA reflects a wider, political trend. And it raises some questions: Does expertise still matter? Is the learning curve getting flatter? Is failure ahead, or is that the sound of disruption? … How an NBA trade goes down. … How far will MLB commissioner Rob Manfred push his executive power? He seems ready to impose rule changes on the sport even without the union’s cooperation. That would risk the peace the two sides have had for 23 years. The rules — automatic intentional walks, capping mound visits, and others designed to speed up the game — hardly seem worth it. Cutting a few minutes off a baseball game won’t make fans much happier, but labor strife would certainly anger them. … The Cavaliers are the flat world champions. … “Homer At The Bat” is one of the greatest TV episodes ever. “The Simpsons” deserves its place in Cooperstown. … Who should host the 2024 Olympics: Paris or Los Angeles?

Story behind Nike’s controversial ‘Revolution’ commercial

Look back at the impact Nike’s controversial 1987 commercial featuring ‘Revolution’ by the Beatles had on advertising, sports.
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Video games are better than real life

Many Americans have replaced work hours with game play — and ENDED UP HAPPIER. Which wouldn’t surprise most gamers.
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The towering legacy of Ed Garvey

The former NFL players’ union leader and progressive hall of famer passed away this week at the age of 76.
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In killing intentional walk, baseball loses a part of history, and gains nothing

Baseball gains little in the way of time savings by eliminating a play that rarely occurs.
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The $500,000 gimmick: Glacier, WCW’s big bet on a bad idea

Twenty years later, the man who played Glacier looks back on one of pro wrestling’s most infamous gimmicks.
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