The best gaming headsets you can buy –

Video game fans will know there is nothing quite like getting the very best sound out of your favourite games, from the rush of bullets to the deathly quiet of stealth missions.

Which is why many people turn to a gaming headset to get the top experience out of a new game. Whether for use on a console such as the Xbox One or PS4, or for hardcore gamers on PC or laptops, a great headset can transform your video game experience.

How to choose a gaming headset

There are a few things users should check when choosing a new gaming headset. As well as thinking about important factors like comfort and materials, you will need to make a couple of choices on your headset.

Know your platform

While you may want a certain pair of headphones, not all gaming earphones will be compatible with every console.

If you are an Xbox gamer, not all headphones will work with the Xbox One console, and most require an adapter. Others may not be compatible with operating systems like macOS, while others may not connect to the ports on your PC or laptops. 

With lots of upgrades to the current generation of consoles coming in the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, some headphones may not be fully compatible with the latest models.

Wireless or wired

If you want extra freedom when playing your games, you may want to spend a little more for a wireless headset. These can be great if you want to play without a tangle of wires, but will only have a limited battery life so require charging, and can be more expensive.


Most gaming headphones are designed with multiplayer games in mind, therefore they come with a microphone attached. Having a decent microphone can be crucial for playing with teammates, but several headsets allow you to remove the mic all together if it is not in use, or upgrade it to an even better version.


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