The Best Xbox One Games Of 2016 – Know Your Mobile

2016 was a big year for gaming. More mobile games were downloaded on smartphones in the first half of 2016 than in all the years previously; the gaming market expanded to new devices and platforms in the form of virtual reality, with players like HTC, Oculus, and Sony getting in on the VR action. But traditional consoles also had a good year. The Xbox in particular got a major design overhaul in the Xbox One S. 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, it also managed to fit its power brick inside the body and added HDR support for games.

And what a year it has been for those Xbox games. Far and away, sequels ruled the Xbox platform, but there were also new entries that took the gaming world by storm as well as smaller indie developers that launched critically acclaimed Xbox games. As for the best? Here’s the games we think ruled the Xbox One in 2016.

Battlefield 1

This long running FPS series goes back in time this time around. All the way back to the first World War. It’s plot involves six different stories each with its own protagonist. The game makes full use of the turn of the century arms countries fought with. Combined with jaw-droppingly beautiful graphics, this is the Battlefield series at its best.


Blizzard’s arena shooter is probably the most popular multiplayer game of the year. Overwatch hit the nail on the head for those looking to get into competitive multiplayer games, but were sick of experts killing them off in a few second. The unique team gameplay means if you want to win, you need to work with others. The gameplay plus the amazing cast of colorful characters makes this game one of the best of 2016.

Gears of War 4

Set 25 years after the third game, GOW4 follows Marcus Fenix’s son, JD against a new enemy called The Swarm. Surprisingly the game sometimes feels more like a horror title than a futuristic a third-person shooter. But everything fans love about past GOW games is in this one too. If you pick it up, you won’t be able to stop playing it.


This amazing indie game is absolutely gorgeous look. In it you play Henry, a fire watchman in a national park in the 1980s. The plot involves you spending a lot of time explore the beautifully rendered world of the national park as you investigate some strange events that may be linked to an old mystery. With graphics this good, gamers might never actually need to put down their controllers to see the real outdoors.

Titanfall 2

While the first game was multiplayer only, Titanfall 2 adds six hours worth of single-player campaigns that you see an alien planet with your friendly Titan, a sentient battle tank that can operate independently from you or be controlled by you. With new weapons, improved graphics, and a much improved multiplayer, Titanfall 2 is a must for any fans of the original.

Dying Light: The Following

What would 2016 be without a zombie game? Dying Light: The Following is the expansion pack for the original Dying Light game. In addition to being set in a map that is twice as large as the original, DLTF introduces new characters, a new story campaign, new gameplay mechanics, and new weapons. The plot involves protagonist Kyle Crane investigating whether a cultist group has actually achieve a cure for the virus. With its parkour action and excellent lighting effects, Dying Light: The Following is one of the best expansion packs of the year.

Dishonored 2

This sequel improves on the original stealth game in almost every way. Set in the coastal city of Karnaca fifteen years after the events of the first game, you play as one of two characters, Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano. Each has their own unique moves and powers, which they’ll use to attempt to reclaim the throne. With incredible art design, enchanting scores, and a great storyline, Dishonored 2 is one not to miss.

Forza Horizon 3

The third game in the Forza series see the open world racing game set in Australia. While the over 350 vehicles are realistically rendered, is the settings of the continent’s outback, rainforests, beaches, and cities that will take your breath away. Forza Horizon 3 is the best racing game of the year.


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