The Nintendo Switch Outsold Both Xbox One And PS4 Last Month – Forbes

Credit: Ubisoft.

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

For years, the NPD report was largely a contest between two manufacturers: Microsoft and Sony, duking it out with their eternally antagonistic but ultimately similar Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Now, wouldn’t you know it, Nintendo is back at it with the sort of blue ocean development it’s so well known for. The Nintendo Switch was the top-selling current generation console for the third month in a row, according to a press release from Nintendo. The Switch has outsold the Xbox One and PS4 for five out of the seven months during which it has been available.

We don’t have specific sales numbers, but we do know that Nintendo has sold over 2 million Switches in the U.S. alone since launch. That also takes into account significant supply constraints, though the console does appear to be getting much easier to obtain, at least in the United States. Nintendo also said that Nintendo hardware overall, including the SNES Classic Edition, the 3DS and the Switch, accounted for 2/3 of US hardware sales overall. Not a bad score.

The Switch was running off the of the momentum of Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle last month, which placed seventh on NPD’s lists for the month. Next up, however, we’ve got Super Mario Odyssey, which promises to be the biggest game for the system since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at launch, and a few early perfect scores should make this console well-poised to continue its winning streak through the holiday season. If you’re looking to buy one, I’d recommend doing one soon: it will doubtless prove a popular holiday gift, and current stocks may not quite survive the holiday crush.

It’s all driving an impressive bounce back from a company that was looking much weaker this time last year. It was still saddled with the lackluster Wii U, it could barely capitalize on a fraction of the demand for the NES classic Edition and it had only limited involvement in Pokemon GO, which was the biggest success from one of their properties in years. 2017, however, is looking a whole lot better, and there’s no reason to think things won’t continue on into 2018. It’s a good time to be Nintendo.


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