Xbox One vs PS4: Sony DESTROYS Microsoft in latest round of console wars –

sales appear to have been revealed online, and it’s good news for Sony and the .

The Xbox One has reportedly sold 26 million units, although the figures weren’t actually announced by Microsoft. Instead the numbers were revealed by a firm called SuperData on GamingBolt.

While the Xbox One sales figures are far from disastrous, the figures are a far cry from the PS4, which is believed to have sold more than double.

But perhaps more worrying is that the Xbox One has only sold an estimated 7 million units in the past year.

Microsoft is putting on a brave face, telling Gamespot that the Xbox One was the top-selling console in the second half of 2016.

Will any of the Xbox/Windows 10 exclusives in the gallery make you want to buy an Xbox One this year?


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