Civilization 6: can we secure a domination victory with Germany in 100 turns? – PCGamesN

We’re back with more Civilization VI gameplay, hooray! This time it’s all about getting stuff done within 100 turns. In episode one of this new Let’s Play series, Joel and Phil assume the role of Frederick Barbarossa of Germany and attempt a domination victory in record time. 

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The problems with this are plentiful: firstly, there are Barbarians absolutely everywhere, and crikey they take some killing in the early game when your only available combat units are Warriors and Slingers. Secondly, there are quite a few tantalising city states dotted around near our starting location, and Germany gets a +7 combat strength bonus against those, soooo… yeah, we got distracted.

As ever though, this episode provides valuable insight into what works (and what absolutely doesn’t) if you’re going for the warlike approach. Stay tuned for episode two in which our quest reaches its conclusion, and keep an eye out for future episodes with new civs and varying victory objectives.

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