Humble’s Female Protagonist Sale Going On Now For PC Games – GameSpot

Humble Bundle has kicked off its latest weekly sale, this one discounting games with female protagonists. Discounts are as good as 80 percent off, and some of the titles marked down include Bayonetta ($15), Rise of the Tomb Raider ($24), Tacoma ($16), Life Is Strange ($5), Alien: Isolation ($8), and Her Story ($1.50).

Other games marked down in the Female Protagonists Sale include SteamWorld Heist ($5), Haydee ($7.50), and Gone Home ($3). Go to the Humble store page here to see all the deals. These offers are for PC.

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In addition to the Humble weekly sale, the site’s latest Humble Bundle is focused on games from Stardock. Pay $1 or more and you’ll get titles like Sorcerer King: Rivals, Fallen Enchantress, The Political Machine 2016, and The Corporate Machine. Paying extra will get you even more games–go to the Humble Bundle page here to learn more.

As always, you can give a portion of your money to charity. This Humble Bundle’s featured charity is Special Effect, a UK-based group that uses video games to help and support people with disabilities.


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