Mobile Gaming Set To Overtake Console, PC Gaming In 2016 – App Trigger

A new sheriff is in town; mobile gaming is the most popular way to play in 2016.


Credit: Newzoo

The market is ever-changing. The gaming throne has bounced between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo over many years for console supremacy. Now in 2016, the new talk of the town, mobile, is on pace to outsell both console and PC gaming.

According to CNBC, mobile gaming is projected to total $36.9 billion dollars of revenue in 2016. PC gaming is in second with $31.9 billion in sales and console is in a close third with $29 billion.

It is no surprise that mobile gaming is the new number one. Everyone, and possibly their grandparents, has a smartphone at their side along with a plethora of games available to play. Across the board, the games market has seen an average of 8.5% growth in sales on a year-to-year basis. Even though console (4.5 percent raise from last year) and PC gaming (2.1 percent raise from last year) bowed down to the mobile, the overall gaming market remains red-hot and the prominent place to be from a business perspective.

Console gamers (including myself) have criticized the free-to-play, pay-as-you-advance game marketing strategy to this day. Apparently, mobile games are finding lots of success contrary to the dismay; mobile gaming continues to flourish because of its marketing strategy and target market.  The demographic for mobile gaming stretches across age gaps. From children to adult, mobile is easily assessable, quick to use, and a time-filler between day-to-day activities. It’s difficult to take a PC setup or console on the go during your daily commute.

Sure, mobile gaming isn’t the hot topic in the forums or on video game websites at the moment, but its popularity is growing at a crazy-impressive rate. Often looked down upon as the outcast and black sheep of the group, mobile gaming is here to stay and continue its worldwide spread into the hands of people who are in need of a quick gaming fix on the go.


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