Rainbow Six Siege DOWN – Server maintenance hits PS4, Xbox One and PC game – Express.co.uk

The game’s community manager, Matthew Szep, said the new reinforcements are on schedule to arrive imminently.

This will likely focus on key balancing issues for Rainbow Six Siege operators, as well as trying to curtail some of the game’s more serious bugs.

Ubisoft have yet to confirm which operators could be in their scope this time round, although more is expected to be announced soon.

What they have done is reveal some of their bug-fixing plans, which include tackling server latency.

Ghosting has become a problem in R6 and is something that the development team are hoping to make less dramatic.

Ubisoft have a whole list of tweaks they are getting ready to deploy, however, they have warned that most will result in a less comfortable experience for high ping players, something that Ubi are doing consciously, and believe it to be in the best interest of the game as a whole.


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