Samsung ups DRAM production in face of rising RAM prices – PC Games Insider (blog)

Hardware firm Samsung is looking to increase its production of DRAM.

That’s according to a report by Korean IT news site ET News – and as reported by the good folks over at PC Gamer – which reports that the company is “not happy” with SK Hynix and Micron, as they “lack technical skills” and are making the most money from this business.

Samsung has apparently been making changes to its manufacturing facilities to support this new business.

There is also pressure to close down this economic book before China decides to enter the market.

As one of the largest DRAM producers on the sector, Samsung upping production could in-turn bring down prices, which have been rising steadily for the last few years.

“Internally, Samsung Electronics is not happy with SK Hynix and Micron, which lacks technical skills, are making their biggest profits from their DRAM businesses.” the publication quotes a source.

“Some of Samsung Electronics’ personnel believes that this economic boom needs to be finished before China enters DRAM markets.”

Another source added: “Samsung Electronics has decided on supplemental investments that are urgent for short period of time and is ordering or bringing in equipment. It is heard that Samsung Electronics’ medium-tern strategies that will have huge impact on markets will be decided after appointment of new director for Samsung Electronics’ DS (Device Solution) Business that will take place shortly.”


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