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There’s a lot of fuss about the Nintendo Switch today which is not much use for PC gamers but there’s something in the works at PGS Labs that looks interesting.

The PGS is a device which can dual boot with Windows 10 and Android and therefore works as a portable gaming console and an Android smartphone. The device is powered by and Intel Atom z8750 and 10-core ARM Helio chip and will provide resolutions of up to 1920×1080. The visuals are powered by Intel HD Graphics 600 MHz 16 cores.

Like the Nintendo DS, there are two screens on the more expensive version with the second screen functioning as second PC monitor or a touch keyboard. You can use this second display for just about anything according to PGS Labs. The top screen also tilts which is a nice touch.

PC gamers will be pleased to hear they can also plug in a wireless mouse, keyboard and even a monitor to make it a mini pocket PC. PGS Labs say that it can run “a large number of PC games” and you can stream onto the device from Steam.

On the bottom half of the PGS there are control elements like you will find on any controller so no need to plug anything else in for gaming, unless you want to go keyboard and mouse.

There will be two versions of the PGS Hardcore and PGS Lite. The significant difference is the Hardcore comes with higher max resolution, 8GB of memory instead of 4, 128 GB of storage instead of 64Gb, the second display, and a “Smart Active Cooling System”. The Hardcore is also a little larger and slightly heavier due to the extras. The PGS is about the same size as a large smartphone.

So how much does all this cost? The Hardcore comes in at $319 and the Lite at $259. The price is not that steep if you consider the cost of the latest smartphones, this also looks a lot cooler and can do so much more. Whether it’s a bit too gimmicky for gamers remains to be seen but of all the portable gaming devices around, this looks quite promising. It runs Windows and Steam so that’s a huge plus.

Pre-orders are being taken now and it’s expected to ship in Q2 of this year. For more, check the website.


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