Windows 10 “Game Mode” Will Boost Performance of PC Games – Geek

According to a leaked file discovered in an upcoming preview update, a new feature is coming to Windows 10 that will improve the performance of PC games. This “Game Mode” will minimize resources used by apps and allocate that freed up space to the game, thus making it run faster and smoother.

This was first discovered by a Twitter user named WalkingCat who reported the discovery of a DLL called “Game Mode” in the latest build of Windows 10 (version 14997). WalkingCat said in a follow-up tweet that it “looks like Windows will adjust its resource allocation logic (for CPU/Gfx etc.) to prioritize the “Game” when running in ‘Game Mode.’” The feature isn’t working yet, but it will be showing up for Insiders (those who are part of the preview program) soon.

This discovery is backed up by WindowsCentral, whose sources reveal that this Game Mode works similar to the way Xbox One runs games by minimizing app resources for games to run at their best. Windows 10 hasn’t had a similar option that maximizes game performance, but it soon will with the upcoming Creators Update.

What’s unclear about this report is whether or not the update improves the performance of games running on Steam and Origin, or if this will be specifically for Windows Store games only. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that Microsoft is giving more attention to PC gaming — no doubt because many of its big Xbox exclusive games are also playable on Windows 10.

Right now, none of this has been officially confirmed by Microsoft. However, it does appear that this update will be happening and it should benefit Windows 10 users who regular play games on PC. Let’s just hope that this Game Mode applies to all games on one’s PC and not just those from the Windows Store.


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