‘Doom’ Gets Xbox One Backward Compatibility, But Not For Everyone – Tech Times

A rumor indicating that the original Doom will be on Xbox One backward compatibility list very soon has been growing.

A user on Reddit has disclosed he successfully installed Doom onto his Xbox One console.

“Somehow I feel this is old news, but it’s not on the official list and I haven’t seen it in my downloads before today,” writes the Reddit user with the handle F0REM4N. “A little odd if it’s new considering Phil Spencer is on record as saying the list won’t change until the NXOE is public.”

The user also showed a proof to other users to back his claim.

F0REM4N does note, though, the results may differ as a few individuals are reporting they did not see any download option to play this game as of yet.

“Pretty cool man,” reads the post of user symbiance09, commenting on F0REM4N’s post. “I’m surprised they are adding games to the list still so close to launch. They might make an announcement later.”

An Italian video games website also leaked out another photo, suggesting it has also seen Doom appearing on Xbox One. It likewise points out it may still not be available for any preview member.

“I don’t have it on my console,” user Beowolf736 does say.

The new Doom game is slated to arrive in early 2016.

A report says it will be a wise move for Bethesda and Microsoft to make the original game available on the Xbox One.

The original Doom and the sequel were released on the Xbox 360 as downloadable titles.

Preview members should check out if Doom shows up. A possibility does exist, though, that fanatics of the video game may see it up after November, the time the official backward compatibility feature releases for everybody. However, recent rumors also point to a late October 2015 release date of the long-awaited Xbox One backward compatibility.

It is worth noting, in the meantime, that Spencer told in an interview that the list of Xbox 360 games that will be compatible with Xbox One is not going change.

Microsoft announced at this year’s E3 was the announcement that Xbox one would become backwards compatible with quite a few Xbox 360 titles.

Earlier, we made a listing of every title we know so far which are included in the Microsoft’s list. You can check them out, here.


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