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In answer to the question of whether to become a PC gamer or not, I don’t think there’s been a better time. However, if taking the plunge consider checking out the factory outlet sites such as Dell Euro Outlet (there are others) where value for money can be incredible compared to what’s on the shelf. So far as buying games goes, consider reputable sites such as CD Keys. Generally much cheaper too than their console equivalents.

I broke cover and went PC in March, largely due to my adoration of XCOM, and the newly arrived sequel. Interestingly though I’ve spent no more than about 15 hours on the game, because I can’t stop playing The Division.

But what an oddity The Division is. I note the chat across the Internet from sites such as Forbes writing articles about why the game is broken almost beyond repair. I’ll be the first to admit it certainly isn’t without problems, however that’s really the point I’m making: that modern game ownership is so different now compared to years ago.

The two issues with it are game bugs, and loot balancing. I’ve fell through the map countless times and encountered other similar bugs, all or many of which will be patched out over time. Loot balancing will be an ongoing, almost never-ending cycle of tweaking, buffing, and nerfing of weapons and gear. Exactly the same thing happened with Destiny, and I can remember how broken Diablo III was at first before it eventually became one of my favourite games.

Modern games change over months and years to become different beasts. What the developers need to ensure is they have something at least good enough at core, and hopefully not too broken, that folks will stick around for the updates.

To be honest The Division does need some urgent care. The recent incursion cheeses have allowed players to grab the most powerful gear and weapons in the game in no time‎. Some of these players have promptly descended upon the Dark Zone to bully other less powerful players, literally melting them with one or two shots. I had one such episode where one chap took me out six times in a row, just waiting for me to spawn each time from the safe house.

On a lighter note I had a similar situation another time where two much more powerful players where picking on me and whilst quivering behind cover two German chaps came along, saw what was happening, and killed the other two. They stayed with me a while and did the same thing again when the bullies came back, after which they promptly saluted me, and wandered off with their newly acquired rogue status hanging over their heads. Very noble.

As regards Dark Zone and co-op there is a very interesting edginess to the game, with players exchanging cautious glances across at each other until they decide if they are friend or foe. I don’t think this has ever been captured in a game before.

‎On a personal level I still haven’t completely made my peace with the fact that I can shoot humans in the face for ages before they go down. At first I quantified this by thinking they’ve got really good quality armour underneath their hoodies, but well… yeah. I’ll just need to give it some ground on this one if I want to keep playing.

I wonder though if Massive have got their eye on a zombie apocalypse DLC in the future, which might in some way address this point. The game world setting they have created so far does seem well suited to zombies.

Either way, if I don’t get bored soon I’m going to have consider purchasing the season pass.
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