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If you want a Nintendo Switch at launch but don’t have a pre-order yet, you may be out of luck. But just in case you like standing in lines and long shots, you’ll have one more chance to pick the thing up when it launches on March 3: GameStop just announced that physical locations would be receiving limited shipments for walk-in customers. According to the press release, your best chance is to show up at midnight:

We have worked with Nintendo to do the best we can in ensuring walk-in customers who want the Switch are taken care of – and they will have a hard time finding consoles for walk-in customers anywhere else!

In addition, we suggest to customers who want to take advantage of this to attend our midnight launch parties, as that will give them the best chance of securing one of these extra Switch consoles.

Nintendo does not have a great history with delivering adequate stock for in-demand items, and consoles nearly always sell out at launch anyway. Still, some diehard fans will receive Switches at launch, and so the chances of getting one this way are officially more than zero. GameStop also announced that it will be selling bundles of the Switch and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on its website for $429.99 starting at launch.

As the video game industry puts a larger and larger emphasis on pre-ordering, the once-standard idea of waiting until launch day, getting in line and picking up a new piece of hardware becomes more and more of a curiosity. Still, the power of physical retailers is useful for everyone in the industry, not just GameStop. There’s no better way to show excitement for your product than interviewing people in a big old line camped out just for the chance to get their hands on your machine. I suspect that’s why GameStop is making sure people get the message in advance of launch — it can be easy to assume that don’t have a chance if you don’t have a pre-order.

GameStop will be holding midnight launch events for the Switch at stores across the country. We’re jut a few days out from Nintendo’s big day, and the industry is moving into hype mode. Whatever concerns I have, it’s an exciting time.

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