‘I don’t want to see Mario’s nipples.’ Shirtless Mario creeps out the internet – Sacramento Bee

A shirtless image of Mario, the ubiquitous former plumber from countless Nintendo video games, has left social media reeling. And not in a good way.

Nintendo of America posted promotional images from the upcoming “Super Mario Odyssey” to Twitter on Wednesday. One image depicts Mario in swim trunks and trademark hat cavorting in the surf. “Explore the frozen fields of Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom & the sunny shores of Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom in #SuperMarioOdyssey!” reads the tweet.

People on social media had a lot of feelings about finally seeing a bare-chested Mario. The plucky one-time plumber – Nintendo recently revealed that he’s given up that career – has been part of video gaming since his debut way back in 1981’s “Donkey Kong.”

Some found the fact that Mario appears to have nipples but no belly button especially disturbing.

But other posters were more supportive of Mario’s right to go shirtless.


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