iPhone 8 release date to blame for Nintendo Switch stock SHORTAGE, report claims – Express.co.uk

Apple could be to blame for the ongoing Nintendo Switch stock shortage, a new report has sensationally claimed.

As the Cupertino-based company readies itself for the launch of its next flagship smartphone – purportedly dubbed – Nintendo is being forced to limit its sales targets for its latest games console, .

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Japanese company has limited itself to a sales target of 10 million units for the year, though it really wants to produce double that number.

Nintendo purportedly told suppliers that it hopes to produce almost 20 million units of its hugely-successful Switch console in the year ending March 2018, people involved in the discussions were quoted as saying.

However the company’s official sales target for the year is 10 million, strong demand suggests it could sell more units – provided it can make them.

The problem facing Nintendo is an industry-wide shortage for components used in smartphones, computer servers and other digital devices, the report in the Wall Street Journal claims.

This shortage includes the NAND flash memory chips that store data, liquid-crystal displays, and the small included in the Switch’s hand-held controllers used to create the advanced HD Rumble feature.


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