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Between the NES Classic and the SNES Classic, Nintendo has apparently realized that there’s still a lot of interest in its original console systems. Assuming fans can find them, of course! Speculation has already led many fans to naturally assume that a Nintendo 64 Classic would be the next logical step. But today’s Nerdist News is following a report out of Japan that may mean the original Game Boy is going to get a classic edition as well.

Join the only host who uses a Warp Zone to get to work, Jessica Chobot, as she takes us back to the glory days of 1989! The Game Boy was Nintendo’s first portable console, and it was a little primitive by today’s standards. Black and white games may not catch the eye of many modern gamers, but Game Boy’s games were incredibly fun, including Super Mario Land, Tetris, and of course, the very first Pokémon titles.

A Japanese trademark bot recently tweeted out Nintendo’s filing for a new Game Boy Classic, which not only featured an image of the iconic handheld, but also noted several potential uses including smartphone programs and cases as well as consoles. That doesn’t necessarily mean that Nintendo will produce a Game Boy Classic, but it may help the company protect the brand from any potential knockoffs.

However, if Nintendo really is gearing up for a Game Boy Classic, there’s a huge catalog of games that could potentially be released for it. And is it a coincidence that two rounds of the recent Nintendo World Championships were played on Game Boys? One way or another, Nintendo is keeping this brand alive!

Are you up for a Game Boy Classic Edition? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

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