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A gamer plays the Nintendo Switch.

If you’ve been looking high and low for a mini NES Classic Edition, maybe this could be considered good news, at least if you’ve managed to procure yourself an equally impossible-to-find Switch. Data miners at claim to have found an NES emulator lurking inside the Switch’s firmware, and it already comes with the NES game Golf. The file was hidden under the name “flog.” Get it? Flog cannot currently be accessed through legitimate channels on the Switch. We’ve reached out to Nintendo for comment and will update with whatever information we receive.

This could have something to do with the selection of classic games that Nintendo will be offering alongside a subscription to the Nintendo Switch’s online services. It’s still a little unclear what’s going on with that, but it does appear that the subscription services will have some kind of focus on multiplayer games that come with upgrades for the Switch like online play or motion controls. Golf could well be included in that service, and it does apparently include motion controls, at least according to the report. If the data mining report is accurate, it suggests that the Switch has been built to play NES games since day one.

The future of Nintendo’s classic game’s library on the Switch is a murky thing indeed. Previous consoles have accessed games from the back catalog through Virtual Console, but Nintendo has been cagey about whether or not that service will be made available on the Switch, or what games might be available if it were. Still, we know that the classic games collection is not a replacement for Virtual Console, even if plenty of fans have expressed a certain willingness to pay a subscription fee for access to some portion of Nintendo’s vast library. That’s good and bad news: good because the collection appears focused on NES games, bad because the idea of a subscription-based Virtual Console with access to games across Nintendo platforms sounds like a great idea. It’s all complicated with the unexpected surge in business from Nintendo’s line of classic hardware, namely the NES and SNES Classic Editions. While I tend to think that Switch-based classic gaming and the dedicated consoles don’t overlap all that much, it does still seem like Nintendo is being cautious about how it rolls both out.

Hopefully, we’ll get some real news on the Switch’s classic gaming capabilities soon, but it’s interesting to see that it might at least set up to play older games.


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