Man accused of killing Allentown teen over Xbox pleads ‘not guilty’ – WFMZ Allentown

ALLENTOWN, Pa. – The man accused of killing 18-year-old George Concepcion over an Xbox in Allentown in early April was in court Friday morning for a preliminary hearing.

Alonso Anthony Blue, 20, of Allentown, is charged with one count of criminal homicide and one count of robbery in connection with the crime. He pleaded not guilty at his preliminary hearing.

Concepcion was shot around 11 p.m. in his home in the 200 block of North Nagle Street on April 12. He later died at the hospital.

Family members said the crime occurred during the sale of an Xbox video game console.

At the hearing, Klarrisa Caraballo, Concepcion’s sister-in-law said he lived at the home for six months and that she did not want anyone in the house that day. Caraballo said she overheard a voice on the phone saying they were on their way to buy the Xbox. Caraballo said she came down from her room to kick out the guys from the house, when she heard two thumps and then a gunshot. 

She said Concepcion was on the floor yelling. Caraballo said she saw the suspect running out of the house, holding the Xbox. Caraballo said Concepcion was screaming “he shot me.” Caraballo said. Caraballo said Concepcion asked her to save him.

Caraballo said she could see a hole in his back and called 911. However she said she called her boyfriend before calling 911. The boyfriend arrived before the police or an ambulance. When the ambulance got there  it took Concepcion to Lehigh Valley Cedar Crest. 

Caraballo said she found a bullet hole in the floor after it was over, because she ripped out the rug because it was bloody. Police later pulled the bullet from the floor. 

She said that Concepcion had bought the Xbox and was selling it for $250.

Caraballo said he regularly sold things on Facebook, but he wasn’t always at the house when he sold the items. 

She described the suspect as stocky, with a white shirt on is what she told police. A Chicago bulls hat was left behind by the suspect, she said.

The defense attorney asked the witness about gang affiliation. 

The second witness to testify was Detective Kevin Mriss, who said Concepcion died of a gunshot wound to the back. Mriss said Concepcion had tattoos of a skull on his right hand, a musical note, rose, clock, and “A Game.” No tattoos signified gang affiliation on him, Mriss said. 

The third witness to testify was Detective Timothy Salgado. Salgado said Blue identified Concepcion when shown a picture during interrogation and said he had tried to purchase a PlayStation from him before.

Blue Said he tried negotiating the Xbox for 200 (it is all he had) and it didn’t work so he left.  Blue told police he  learned about Concepcion’s death on Facebook, according to Slagado.  Blue said Concepcion tried to take the money from him and then they tussled and then the gun fell from Concepcion’s, according to Slagado.

All charges were held for court. 


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