New Super Nintendo Land Video Details Three New Rides – GameSpot

A new video released by LCA Studios hints at three new rides coming to Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. The entire video is in Japanese, but the visual plans are a Nintendo lover’s dream.

The first ride detailed is Drift Racer, an on-rails cart ride that appears to have a sort of pivoting bar at the front of the cart to simulate the same drifting feeling in the Mario Kart series. This arm will turn the body of the cart independently from the front axle, making the illusion come to life.

The second, simply called “Simulator Ride,” looks to be similar to Disney’s Soarin’. Riders will be seated in what look to be giant robots stacked on top of one another. It’s unclear what franchise this ride will be themed off of, but it seems that it will raise and lower riders through some sort of visual adventure.

The third and final ride, Boom Coaster, is based off the Donkey Kong universe. It appears to have two different tracks, one upper track where riders will sit and encounter different obstacles like rocks and clouds, and a lower track that will operate the ride itself, lifting, lowering, and tilting riders through the obstacles.

A concept video for the forthcoming theme park was released earlier this week. Super Nintendo World will open in Osaka, Japan in 2020; Universal Studios Orlando and Hollywood will also see Super Nintendo Land additions.


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