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Nintendo Classic Mini NES stocks are still hard to come by these days even though the holidays are over. Despite the gaming company’s reassurance to release more stocks of the classic gaming consoles this year, many gamers are having a hard time getting their hands on one. Which stores carry stocks of the Nintendo NES Edition?

Nintendo greatly underestimated the demand for their classic gaming console, the Nintendo Classic Mini NES Edition. Since its release in November, there has been a shortage in the stocks of the console, as more users are waiting to get their hands on one.

This shortage led to the rise in the price of the Nintendo NES Edition being sold through third party sellers on Amazon or eBay. As Express┬áreports, the company stated in November that there will be more stocks arriving “by the end of the year.”

However, months have passed and many users complain of having a hard time scoring a Nintendo Classic Mini NES in stores. Those who can no longer wait for the release in stores are already paying twice as much when buying from online sellers; some paying as high as $159.

There are some stores, however, that have available stocks of the Nintendo Classic Mini NES. One way to find out which store has an available stock is through the BrickSeek inventory score, reports i4U News.

According to the publication, BrickSeek helps users receive alerts whenever a local Target store will sell the NES Classic the following day. This means that interested parties may line up at the store early in the morning in order to get their hands on the Nintendo NES Edition.

The publication notes, however, that the Nintendo Classic Mini NES stock at Target stores is at 5 percent, which means it may be very hard to find an available one at the moment. As of writing, Nintendo has yet to officially refresh its stock on the gaming console.


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