Nintendo games news: New device clones Switch design, provides big Wii U feature –

For a while, Nintendo have been keeping their fans entertained with offerings from their back catalogue of classic games.

This has come in the shape of the Virtual Console, allowing Wii U and Nintendo 3DS owners to buy classic titles for the current hardware.

But so far, the Nintendo Switch games list has not been boosted by the Virtual Console, with the Japanese games giant apparently settling on a different idea this time round.

A new Nintendo Switch Online service is being launched in 2018, which will offer classic titles as part of a new subscription service.

But while fans wait, some have been trying out their own ideas for how to fill the gap.

Step in the Nintimdo RP, a Nintendo Switch console clone built to play classic emulations.

This project was originally envisioned to create a portable gaming system that could also double as a portable computer. 

The Nintimdo, created by Tim Lindquist, includes a Broadcom BCM287 processor (ARM architecture) running a light version of Linux. 


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