Nintendo NX news: Another MASSIVE new gaming launch revealed? –

Beyond Good and Evil 2 images appear to have been released online, prompting renewed speculation that the Nintendo NX reveal date is imminent.

Beyond Good and Evil creator Michel Ancel has posted two Instagram images of what appears to be concept art from the long-awaited sequel.

With previous reports suggesting Beyond Good and Evil 2 would be a Nintendo NX exclusive, the timing of the images could indicate that a reveal is on the cards.

Even though the rights to the franchise are owned by Ubisoft, Nintendo was said to be funding development of Beyond Good and Evil 2 to win “audience goodwill”.

Judging by the caption that accompanies the post, Ubisoft is still heavily involved in project, however. 

“Somewhere in system 4… Thanks Ubisoft for making this possible!” reads the caption.


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