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Nintendo’s NX console won’t be talked about until next year, but recent rumors have surfaced about the system’s specs. Sources suggest that it sports specialized hardware that may be more powerful than Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. There’s also mention that it could be a mobile hybrid as well.

Speculation began last Friday when The Wall Street Journal published an article confirming that many third-parties have received NX development kits. Since said kits are meant to closely mirror the retail design, those working on Nintendo projects now have some clue as to what the final spec might offer.

Amongst such insider knowledge, there are a few predictions worth mentioning. First of which is that The Wall Street Journal believes that “industry leading chips” govern the console’s hardware. When NintenGen asked the author to elaborate on this qualification, he reportedly replied that several developers have seen a demo that was impossible to run on computers with top-tier hardware.

To make these thoughts even juicier, a thread by crunchyg of Nintendo Forums went as far as to suggest that the NX’s specs are based on “impressive hardware” that’s “incredibly powerful and quite possibly faster than whatever Sony or Microsoft has in stores.” The report also mentions difficulty running a specific demo too, giving some credence to The Wall Street Journal’s claims and these ones.

Aside from being a formidable opponent to the PS4 and Xbox One, the development kits also imply a mobile peripheral as well. However, what’s not known is if the added device requires the NX console to operate or if it can run on its own. The former would be the same strategy currently employed by the underperforming Wii U GamePad.

Not long ago, we posted details about a tablet controller patent that envisioned a streamlined version of the GamePad with scrollable shoulder buttons. Given what these insider sources hypothesize, that design might be similar to what the final NX actually features.

Nintendo declined to comment on the above rumors and speculation. As was suggested by the company’s late CEO, Satoru Iwata, representatives said that the console will be discussed in an official capacity sometime next year.

Do you think Nintendo will really go for super powerful hardware specs with the NX? Will it be stronger than PS4 and Xbox One? Let us know in the poll and comments section!

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