Nintendo Sneaks Out Unseen ‘Star Fox 2’ Concept Art – Rolling Stone –

Nintendo sneakily released original Star Fox 2 design documents, though you’ll be forgiven if it completely missed your radar.

The company uploaded a digital game manual last week, detailing the key characters, gameplay and story. However, hidden several pages deep is a link to view 14 different behind-the-scenes documents, all offering an intimate glimpse at the game’s development. Thanks to Kotaku for finding this story.

The documents are all in Japanese, so unless you read the language you’ll have to do some guessing. However, the first few pages look to explain the button and control layout of the game while the preceding pages seem to outline the game’s user interface and onscreen activity. The last handful of pages look like different level layouts and ship designs. Click here to check out all 14 pages.

Additionally, on the last page of the game manual, Nintendo included some original concept art for Star Fox characters, as well as 12 different concepts for the Arwing space fighter.

The fact that these documents still exist is, as Nintendo says, a “miracle.” Star Fox 2 was originally planned to be released for the Super Nintendo, but was cancelled before its 1995 release. Since then, the only way to play the game has been to emulate it and play it in varying degrees of finish. That is, until now. When Nintendo announced its Super NES Classic console, it suprised everyone by announcing Star Fox 2 would be included in the machine’s line-up, now playable in-full over 20 years after its cancellation. 


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