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UPDATE ONE: While the Nintendo Switch’s price, games lineup and specs will have a huge impact on how well the new console sells, it appears that in other important areas the Japanese games giant has been doing all the right things.

Fans were left pondering what the new console would be for quite sometime, there was a huge gap between the announcement of the NX project and its first real reveal.

But while the length of time may have annoyed some of the Nintendo faithful, it apparently did a lot to keep everyone talking about it.

In fact, the Nintendo Switch could take the battle to PS4 and Xbox One, as Nintendo scoree a major victory against its rivals. Nintendo dominated the internet in 2016, as huge numbers of fans searched for Nintendo products like the Switch, Pokemon Go and the Nintendo Classic Mini NES.

In fact, by the end of the year, Nintendo internet searches were more than Xbox One and PS4 combined.

The research was carried out by SimilarWeb, who told GamesBeat: “The growth in Nintendo’s search traffic over 2016 is so big that when comparing its search traffic in November 2016 to January 2016, it multiplied its search traffic by [a factor of] 60.

“In January 2016, we were able to identify a total of 39 keywords generating traffic for these brand.

“Nintendo had 6, Xbox had 16, and PlayStation had 17. While in November 2016, we were able to identify 183 of such keywords. Nintendo had 101, Xbox had 30, and PlayStation had 52.”

The Nintendo Switch was a big hit for the company, which suggests that the new console could sell by the bucketload when the March release date rolls around.


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