Nintendo Switch UPDATE: Worrying spec news REVEALED after latest LEAK –

Nintendo Switch fans will be worried by the news that the console won’t have a replaceable battery.

The Nintendo Switch battery news was uncovered after Nintendo filed paperwork with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

According to the filings, users won’t be able to replace the Nintendo Switch battery on the handheld part of the device.

While Nintendo is yet to reveal full specifications just yet, the latest development is worrying, especially if the handheld battery life isn’t up to scratch.

As Dualshockers points out, the Nintendo Wii U did have a upgradable battery, which gave users the chance to increase the Gamepad’s battery from 3 hours to 8 hours.

The only saving grace is that if Nintendo has tried to save money on the battery, then the Switch might launch with a cheaper price point.


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