Nintendo Will Reveal Its Killer Mobile App Tomorrow In New Nintendo Direct – Forbes

Credit: Nintendo

Animal Crossing could be Nintendo’s biggest mobile game yet.

Nintendo is dedicating a 15-minute Nintendo Direct to its next big mobile game tomorrow evening.

Beginning at 8 PM Pacific Time, we’ll finally get to see and learn about Animal Crossing for mobile. The entire presentation will be dedicated to Animal Crossing with Nintendo stressing that “There will be no updates on any other topics including other mobile, Nintendo Switch or Nintendo 3DS software.”

Hopefully that means we get to see plenty of the game in action.

This could very easily be Nintendo’s killer mobile app given just how well the game would translate to phones. After all, everything from town-management to fishing to the passage of time should translate into a mobile experience effortlessly. In some ways, the game could even work better on a phone. It also has the potential to provide Nintendo with a healthy revenue stream given the many ways a game like this could be monetized, for better or worse.

It’s a big week for Nintendo. The Japanese game-maker is also releasing Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch this Friday.


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