Pokken Tournament DX review – Another Nintendo Switch must-have game – Express.co.uk

It’s very much the outcome of what happens when you combine with precision two entities that are complete polar opposites.

The world of Pokemon collides with the fighting gameplay of the Tekken series to create a mash-up which is perfectly suited to the Nintendo Switch.

Pokken Tournament DX is a port of the arcade battler and Wii U game, and is a great pick-up-and-play game.

You choose a Pokemon and a support set of pocket monsters as you fight other trainers in a 3D arena.

But instead of the typical turn-based combat the Pokemon series is known for, you instead control the cute creatures like you would a fighter in Tekken.

Combos, special moves and counters are all possible as you punch and kick your way through battles.

One of the most exciting things for long-term fans of the Pokemon series is seeing these creatures you know and love realised in HD graphics.

While Pokemon is a household name, the vast majority of games in the series have been released on handheld consoles.

Bar a few exceptions, such as Pokemon Snap for the N64, Nintendo home consoles have not tended to get as many games released just for them.

The reason being that Pokemon stands for ‘pocket monster’, so the majority of these games are built for handheld consoles.


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