PS4 v Nintendo Switch – Shock sales stat will leave Sony fans STUNNED –

The respected retail tracker said not only did the Switch outsell the PS4 during its opening week, but it did so almost every single week after that during the first 26 weeks on sale.

In its opening week, the Switch sold 329,152 units while the PS4 sold 309,154 units, according to Media Create.

Overall, in the first 26 weeks on sale – Media Create said the PS4 sold 665,760 units in Japan, which is a very healthy figure.

However, the analysts said the Switch in comparison sold 1,527,962 units in Japan during that same period.

For the PS4, it took 69 weeks for Sony’s console to sell 1,523,471 units in Japan.

The analysis suggests that, in Japan, the Nintendo Switch is selling at a faster rate than the PS4 at the beginning of its lifetime.

And this is in the face of widespread Nintendo Switch stock shortages across the world.


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