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You may run into some troubles with your Xbox One today.

Xbox Live is experiencing some errors today, according to Microsoft’s status website and complaints on social media. While most people are able to boot up their games despite the outage, you may encounter errors with matchmaking, recording, and streaming gameplay or with other social features. This issue is also causing crashes for games like Rocket League, which rely on a connection to a third-party server. These features are down for all Xbox Live members, which includes people who pay $60 a year for the premium Xbox Live Gold subscription service.

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, and it says it is working on a fix.

This isn’t a new problem for Xbox Live. The service has had issues repeatedly throughout the first few months of 2016. For one week-long period in February, Microsoft’s online gaming infrastructure experienced outages and other errors that interfered with gaming on Xbox One.

At the same time, these kinds of issues also often affect the PlayStation Network — although it has had fewer problems this year than Xbox Live.

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