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BONUS: Huge new downloadable content for “Horizon Zero Dawn” — “The Frozen Wilds” — only available on the PlayStation 4.

BONUS: Huge new downloadable content for "Horizon Zero Dawn" — "The Frozen Wilds" — only available on the PlayStation 4.

Guerrilla Games/Sony

If you haven’t already played the incredible “Horizon Zero Dawn,” you’re in luck: It’s one of the best games of 2017 (some might even call it the best game of 2017 so far). In “Horizon Zero Dawn,” you play as Aloy — a brilliant and tough lady out to discover as much as she can about her own origins, amid a bizarro future Earth that is ruled by mechanical animals (including massive dinosaur-like machines).

In the game’s first expansion, set to be released this November, a new area is being added to the already very large map. In this new area, there are new mysteries to uncover, new tribes to interact with, and plenty of angry machines to contend with. Here’s the synopsis: Like with the expansion to “Breath of the Wild,” the expansion to “Horizon Zero Dawn” is a direct continuation of the game’s conclusion. Rather than exploring the world from the main game, a whole new area is being added that’s set (at least partially) in Yellowstone National Park. 

Check out a breakdown of everything we know about “The Frozen Wilds” DLC right here.

Release date: November 7


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