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Photo: Nintendo

Photo: Nintendo

While the one Nintendo Switch launch game everyone will be talking about is very clearly The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the rest of the release line-up is still being altered with a little over a week until launch.

The first item is a bit of good news, that Snipperclips will in fact be a launch game after it was originally going to be released later in the spring. If there’s one non-Zelda original Switch game that has received positive praise, it’s probably Snipperclips, which was a surprise highlight of January’s hands-on event.

The game is only $20, and shows off the capabilities of the Joy-Cons in a fun, creative, puzzle-solving way that employs local co-op. It may be the cure to what ails 1-2-Switch, the Switch launch game that also focuses on the functionality of the Joy-Cons, but hasn’t been quite as warmly received, and costs a full $50 instead. It seems like Snipperclips accomplishes the same goals at a lower cost.

The bad news about altering launch line-ups this late is that Snipperclips can probably not slide into many, if any game bundles. I probably would have rather had it in my big “you get pretty much all the launch games” GameStop bundle I ordered for a few hundred dollars over asking price, but instead I’ll get it separately. And I still maintain that the Nintendo Switch needed some sort of pack-in game like Wii Sports, and Snipperclips would have been a good choice for that, if it wasn’t going to be 1-2-Switch. But again, it’s too late for that now.

Also potentially changing in the week before launch could be a few indie games that are struggling to make the deadline. That would be three previously released indie games from Tomorrow Corporation, World of Goo, Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine, which were all supposed to be launch titles. But the task of getting those games ready for the Switch in time may prove to me too much for them. Nintendo itself will not confirm those games will arrive at launch, and Tomorrow Corporation had this to say about the prospect when Polygon asked:

“We hope we can make it! We’re still just 3 people, trying to launch 3 games on March 3rd — and it’s going to be close.”

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Nintendo of America

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Nintendo of America

One final, non-software issue about the Switch’s launch that’s raising a few eyebrows is the fact that a large number of early review units have had issues with the left Joy-Con specifically lagging or de-syncing. While Nintendo says they’re looking into it, it’s unclear exactly how many units this might affect, and what the solution might be. It might be as simple as a problem that can be patched out on day one, but it would be a much larger issue if the defect was within the hardware itself. Hopefully that is not the case, and the issue is either not widespread or easily fixed. But again, we don’t know. It’s not clear if Nintendo knows, given that apparently they were apparently only made aware of this issue when review units went out.

Overall, it seems like the Switch is poised to have a strong launch. The hardware itself, outside of this one syncing issue, seems to be drawing almost universal praise. But even that is nothing compared to the raving about how damn good Breath of the Wild is, which seems to be not just a GOTY contender, but an outright favorite for the entire year, if early impressions are to be believed. Still, the relatively rushed launch of the Switch does seem to have come with a number of complications from technical issues to launch line-up changes, and it’s going to be an interesting release indeed. Just another week, now.

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