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Credit: Nintendo

Credit: Nintendo

Activision has already announced that 2017’s Call of Duty will go back to the series’ roots, abandoning high-tech sci-fi trappings in favor of ‘traditional’ combat.

That’s great news. Now the video game publisher should surprise us with another announcement: That this year’s entry in the popular first-person shooter franchise is coming to Nintendo’s new console, the Switch.

For one thing, aside from Splatoon 2 there really won’t be any other first-person shooters on the Switch. Activision could corner the market early on, establishing itself as the only purveyor of FPS titles on a brand new gaming system.

And since the Switch doesn’t have a second-screen gimmick like the Wii U, it will be relatively easy to port the game to Nintendo’s console.

Given the excitement over the Switch, which costs just $299 at launch, I’ve come to believe that it will be a big hit for Nintendo compared to the Wii U, and getting in on that success in year one would be a smart business move for AAA publishers like Activision.

Finally, this would be the first major Call of Duty release that could be played entirely on the go. The potential for LAN-style parties, with multiple Switch’s in tablet mode playing CoD matches is very real and very exciting. You could play online matches together in the same room without split-screen.

Not launching on the Switch in 2017 would be a big mistake for Activision and developer Sledgehammer Games. That’s true for other AAA franchises and game publishers as well, but even more so for a game like Call of Duty. 

One way or another, the Switch needs a first-person shooter. Whether that’s Call of Duty or a competitor is up to the game makers.

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