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Merely hours after the NES Classic Mini was released by Nintendo, the popular gaming console was sold out in every store. The console gained hype and popularity throughout the holidays.

Thankfully, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini was back in stock at GAME and Toys R Us. Hopeful buyers get in line, trying to get their hands on the console before it goes out of stock once again.

Stock Informer website says that the Nintendo Classic Mini was available from these UK retailers. The bad news is that, once again, the gaming console has sold out.

The good news, however, is that Nintendo Classic Mini will be back in stock within the month. This means buyers can get it just in time before the holidays.

Fans of the Nintendo console from the UK are advised to get updated with the Official Nintendo UK store. It was rumored that the console will also be available at Tesco and Argos.

Nintendo also advises fans to visit their local Target Stores to see if the Nintendo NES Classic Mini are back in stock. GameTransfers also reports that Amazon Italy will be stocking the console on December 12.

This means that if Amazon Italy is re-stocking their shelves, it is highly possible that Amazon US and Amazon UK are doing the same. To be sure, buyers are advised to pre-order the console before the given date.

As mentioned in the previous update, the console can be purchased on other websites such as eBay and Amazon (from resellers) at a much higher price. Each console is sold for more than $200, which is far higher than its $59.99 SRP.

Seeing as Black Friday and Cyber Monday has already started the Holiday shopping season this year, there really is no question why the Nintendo NES Classic Mini are out of stock. Interested buyers are advised to be on the lookout for the latest Cyber Deals on the gaming console.

Do you know where others can purchase the Nintendo NES Classic Mini? Share your knowledge down below!


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