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In layman’s terms this means that, in terms of pure technological grunt, the Xbox One X is the most powerful video game console ever made. A point that Microsoft are understandably keen to drive home. It isn’t as capable as the highest end gaming PCs, of course, but has more going on under the hood than the PS4 Pro. Sony’s premium console also outputs in 4K and offers graphical upgrades to certain titles, but Microsoft will be hoping that their assertion that game will run best on Xbox One X pans out. Xbox has lagged behind PlayStation in the performance stakes this generation and performance doesn’t always rely just on what technology a machine is packing. But the One X’s much vaunted CPU speed of ‘6 teraflops’, which is faster than the PS4 Pro’s 4.2 TF, will give the console a fighting chance.

What it means in a practical sense is that games may run smoother, achieving target frame rates more consistently, and offer a clutch of graphical improvements in lighting, texture and, of course, resolution. You will only see the main benefit of the Xbox One X on a suitable 4K television, but owners of 1080p TVs are promised that many of the finer details will apply. It is also suggested that, much like PC games, many graphical settings will be customisable so that you can select the mode that will benefit you the most. Full 4K resolution may be able to be traded in for a faster frame rate for instance, a feature that was present in the PS4 Pro version of Rise of the Tomb Raider, but will reportedly be more widespread in Xbox One X games.


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