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Credit: Psyonix

Here’s Rocket League, which you’ll just have to imagine in 4K.

If you’re interested in an Xbox One X but aren’t yet convinced that a 4K upgrade is what you need as a gamer, you’ll soon at least get a chance to see the thing in action. Best Buy just announced that it would be holding retail demos of Microsoft’s new superpowered console starting this weekend, offering up Madden 18, Forza 7, FIFA 17, Minecraft, Final Fantasy XV, Super Lucky’s Tale and Rocket League in 4K. As of right now, the demos will be available at 40 Best Buy stores in 20 cities, and they’ll be coming back for four more unspecified weekends throughout the fall. There’s a handy store locator located here.

These sorts of demos are absolutely essential for selling the Xbox One X. Generational console leaps make for good ads: ideally, the graphics are improved in such a way that they can be easily communicated just by throwing up some impressive-looking scenes on TV or Youtube, and they shouldn’t need any special explanation for why they look good. The 4K upgrade that is that Xbox One X is a bit trickier: it’s difficult to communicate outside of ideal circumstances, and TV ads are all but useless in a world where nobody is going to be watching ads on a 4K TV and a 4K broadcast. It’s a problem compounded by the fact that the manufacturer can’t use exclusive games as a way to sell a console that shares a library with its less powerful counterpart.

Enter the retail demo: an old trick, but a pretty vital one in this situation. It not only allows people to actually get a glimpse of what it’s like to see an Xbox One X in person, but it also allows Microsoft to be pretty specific about the circumstances under which people will be seeing it. They’ll be playing the game on a 4K TV with all the settings tweaked to the console manufacturer’s specifications, and more likely than not they’re going to be standing about a foot away from the screen. If you’re looking for a situation in which to be impressed by a 4K console, you’ve got a better shot in a situation like this than you do in your own home.

I’ll be very curious to see the thing in action, something that I missed by not making it out to E3 this year. I’m not particularly convinced by 4K in general, but it’s possible that the beefy hardware under the hood here will make the case a little bit more forcefully than the PS4 Pro. Regardless, we won’t really know how much of an impact this makes until we’re playing it on our own TVs, even if we do get a chance to at least get a preview this weekend.


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