Fighting Stick Crystal Ball Arcade Game Stick Arcade Street Fighter Joystick for Pc Ps2 Ps3


    • Plug 'n' play on ps3,ps2 and PC,Compatible Systems: Windows7/ Vista / Xp / 2000/ ME / 2003
    • Four High quality Micro-switches , Full 8 Directions stick.
    • Japanese-style Joystick(Metal) & Uber-sensitive Buttons
    • Genuine arcade layout
    • Tough Wired Cable - 2 M (6.56 FT) length, with USB and ps2,ps3 plug

    Product Description

    Turbo Function
    All 8 action buttons can be set to "Turbo Function".Hold the turbo button and press the chosen button, the turbo function will be activated.
    Then when you hold that action button,the action will attack continuous.
    Cancel the function,hold the turbo button and press the activated button,the function will be cleared.
    There are 4 speed grades for you choose:4Hz,8Hz,16Hz,32Hz(means,attack for 4/8/16 or 32 times per second)
    The default speed is 8Hz,you can use"Turbo button +Push stick up"to adjust the speed.(change law:8Hz-16Hz-32Hz-4Hz-8Hz-16Hz...) The turbo setting will be lost after power down.

    The Combat-kingĀ® Pro Fighting joystick has a metal base(aluminium alloy), rugged Steel stick and high quality FOUR Micro-switches that can withstand the aggressive, fast paced classics like Street FighterTM and TekkenTM. Armed with 8 natural arcade action button layout, pulling off the high scoring combos and special moves is a breeze.

    Package includes:
    1. 1 x Combat-kingĀ® Professional Fighting Joystick
    2. 1 x One Year Warranty Certification
    3. Free 2 x Spare original Buttons
    4. Free 2 x Spare Original skid-resistant cupulas

    Product Detail

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